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Catalogs and Advertising Materials

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Processing Information
  • • Processing information - download
  • • Processing information - SibuGlass - download
Printed Catalogs
  • • FLAME RETARDANT catalog - Product-pictures of SIBU DESIGN stock programme - download
  • • OVERVIEW SIBU TRENDS - Product-pictures of SIBU DESIGN stock programme - download
  • • OVERVIEW News - version 1 - download
  • • OVERVIEW News - version 2 - download
  • • The Book - Applications of SIBU DESIGN products - download
  • • Impressions - Applications of SIBU DESIGN products - download
Picture of the Month
  • Picture of the Month 07-2014
  • Picture of the Month 06-2014
  • Picture of the Month 05-2014
  • Picture of the Month 04-2014
  • Picture of the Month 03-2014
  • Picture of the Month 02-2014
  • Picture of the Month 11-2013
  • Picture of the Month 10-2013
  • Picture of the Month 09-2013
  • Picture of the Month 07-2013
  • Picture of the Month 06-2013
  • Picture of the Month 05-2013
  • Picture of the Month 03-2013
  • Picture of the Month 02-2013
  • Picture of the Month 01-2013
  • Picture of the Month 12-2012
  • Picture of the Month 11-2012
  • Picture of the Month 10-2012
  • Picture of the Month 09-2012
  • Picture of the Month 08-2012
  • Picture of the Month 07-2012
  • Picture of the Month 06-2012
  • Picture of the Month 05-2012
  • Picture of the Month 04-2012
News Updates
Sample Folders and Catalogs
  • The Cube

    General catalogue with samples of SIBU DESIGN stock programme

  • Deco Arts

    Sample folder of product groups DM / MS / AC / SL / PL / 3D / PR

  • Leather Arts

    Sample folder of product group LEATHER-LINE

  • Impressions

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN bestseller (Image brochure included)

  • Deco Line

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN deco-line programme

  • Multistyle Line

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN MultiStyle programme

  • Structure Line

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN structure-line programme

  • Acrylic Line

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN acrylic-line programme

  • Profiles

    Sample folder of SIBU DESIGN profiles programme

Product Presentation

    FOCUSBOARD (340x320)
    SIBU DESIGN sample board
    Weight: individual (ca. 400g)

  • Design Boards

    DESIGNBOARD (735x250)
    SIBU DESIGN sample board with product combination
    Weight: individual (ca. 600g)

  • Sample Folder

    SAMPLE FOLDER transparent
    SIBU DESIGN transparent sample folder
    for A4 or 1/3 A4 sample boards
    Weight: individual

  • Impressions board

    SIBU DESIGN presentation board with samples
    foldable incl. transportation box
    Height boxed: 520x340x20mm
    Weight: 400g (boxed 600g)

  • Design frame

    SIBU DESIGN presentation frame with 4 moveable panels
    Weight: 94kg (without sample boards)

  • Sibu CDs

    existent compact disc with product pictures, application pictures, News or by request individual arranged
    Weight: 20g

  • Sibu USB Stick

    SIBU DESIGN USB Stick 4 GB (50x16)
    Weight: 5g

  • Black Box Case

    BLACK CASE (370x82x310)
    SIBU DESIGN case for samples
    Weight: 330g
    Weight including 20 pcs. of samples: 2,8kg

  • Black Bag

    BLACK BAG (370x120x300)
    SIBU DESIGN shopping bag
    Weight: 100g
    Pieces per box: 90 pcs.


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